The Farm

At Higher Tresmorn we are lucky to be surrounded by stunning scenery and pasture land where the small mixed flock of sheep graze together with my horses Rua, Izzy and Buzz, they are joined by a few cattle. The chickens wander around the fields and the garden and lay wonderful eggs for everyone to enjoy.  During the summer there are Gloucester Old Spot pigs enjoying life in the woods ready to produce some free range pork to supplement the delicious Higher Tresmorn lamb and beef that is often on the menu.

We are developing the vegetable garden and also fruit so as to produce as much as possible from Higher Tresmorn for both bed and breakfast guests and also the self catering cottages!  I am sure that you will not be able to escape without making a fuss of the resident dog Percy, my very friendly terrier who is always a firm favorite with all the children and the farm cat Tom who is often wandering around!

Coronavirus Update

We are open from the 12th April!

We have prepared a CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT (updated regularly) to provide you with assurances regarding the health & safety measures we are implementing.

If you have any questions please email or text us on Telephone: 01840 230371 or Mobile: 07966 690654

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